360|Flex API Contest – Win a Wii plus admiration and envy of all Flex coders


Contests provide not just cool prizes, but a way to establish (|| re-establish) yourself as a premiere developer in the community. The spotlight on a conference will never be bigger (for Flex developers) than with the upcoming 360|Flex API contest. Winners from the contest will be announced during the conference keynote, have their app shown off live and be awarded the amazing prize in front of the entire Flex community. There are 3 categories sponsored by Ribbit, eBay and Degrafa. Each is handing out a premium game console as the prize!

Never has the stage been bigger, the spotlight been brighter and the expectations been… well, honestly, we don’t know what to expect. Reports are that entries have been thus far pretty low. This means two things:

1) Enter the contest and your chance of winning is much greater.
2) Developers are coding up a storm and waiting until the last minute (Feb. 25) to submit their entry.

Either way, this is the perfect opportunity for you. I have written before about the allure of 360|Flex, now recognized as the most pure and focused Flex conference of the year. I’ll be there making some big Ribbit announcements and our presentation will be killer.

As for the contest, you’ve got to code and enter something — the reward is too much to pass up. Plus, you need not attend the conference to participate.

Download the Ribbit API and start coding.
> Register for the conference here: http://www.360conferences.com/apicontest/apicontest.cfm

Starting next week, 360|Flex will launch the contest gallery, where all developers can view and vote on the contest entries. We can’t wait to see what you do and look forward to seeing you at 360|Flex.

This post originally appeared at: http://developer.ribbit.com/blog/?p=68