Papervision 3D Training with John Grden, recap


I had the honor of attending a Papervision 3D training course held this past weekend in San Francisco and taught by Master John Grden, of the ir5 order, and pv3d council and outer rim member Andy Zupko.

Both share an infectious enthusiasm for the break-thru open source 3d framework called Papervsion. Their teaching technique, especially John’s, is engaging, embracing, supportive and energetic. They came prepared and distributed CD’s with all the sample files you’d ever want. We bolted through example after example, each one more mind-blowing than the next. As John guided us through adding that ‘extra special line of code’, and once you compiled, you couldn’t believe what YOU had just coded.

I feel a little guilty telling folks I was in training all weekend – mostly because it never felt like training. The only times I looked at my watch were to make sure we weren’t approaching lunch or the end-of-the-day time too soon.

I was equally impressed with the attending class, so capable of keeping up with the fast paced lessons. There were a couple of stragglers on certain exercises, and they were nicely supported by a scampering John in addition to their peers and classmates. No coder was left behind.

These guys are good. They are serious about their code and pushing the envelope of Flash coding for everyone. Such performance should be (and widely is) embraced by the Flash development AND DESIGN community. If you haven’t tasted PV3D, get into it. And if you have the means, I highly recommend attending (even if flying is necessary) their next class.