The coolest Flash components ever

Ribbit Voice Components for Flash

In April 2006, it was my first Flash conference ever, and I flew to FITC Toronto with a Yahoo employee badge in my pocket. I had the joy of presenting maps, and I thought I’d never be more proud to share what, to me then, was the best Flash API at the time.

Two years later, I’m returning to FITC to give a sneak peek at what I think are the coolest Flash components ever. Not only do the Ribbit Voice Components for Flash allow drag and drop voice into Flash, but there are a total of 8 amazing components, featuring custom layout and skinning, that let you bring in the wide range of the Ribbit API features into your app.

Here is a list of features and worthy notes to support my claim:
– 8 Components in the Ribbit Flash set
– You can make money by building an app and selling it in our Ribbit store
– The components were built with Sir Keith Peters (friend and colleague) of Infrared5.
– You can now make and receive phone calls in Flash
– You can now check your voicemail in Flash
– You can now manage your contacts in Flash
– All components feature custom layout with ‘live preview’
– All components are fully skin-able
– You can access all Ribbit API methods, events and objects through the RibbitRequest instance
– The component set will be free to most existing and new members of the Ribbit Developer Community.

Sound good enough? Sign up for the pre-release. If you are at FITC, come visit us at our booth and check out my session at 4EST.

Want to see more? Check out this very cool video of a sneak peek at the Ribbit Voice components for Flash!