FlashForward 2008 Registration Open, I’m speaking!


Join me, and what I’m sure will be a collection of hundreds of the more significant Flash platform designers and developers, for this year’s Flash Forward Conference in San Francisco, the week of August 20-22, 2008. Registration is now open and I am thrilled and honored to be one of the first announced speakers joining a group of super talented and well-respected folks including Luke Bayes, Hoss Gifford, Robert Hodgin, Eric Natzke, Paul Orthchanian, Todd Rosenberg and Mr. Grant Skinner.

For me, this will actually be the first ever FlashForward that I will attend. FlashForward is easily one of the more prestigious, long-running and community oriented conferences out there. The combination of inspirational sessions and the unique and honored festival have made it very significant to follow over the years. Those I know that have attended always speak very highly of it. And those I know that have presented sessions always regard it as the highlight of their annual speaking calendar.

The timing is very cool for me, because this August marks the 10th anniversary since I created my first swf back in August of 1998. This will also mark the first major San Francisco-based Flash conference held since I moved out here almost 3 years ago.

The conference finds itself under new ownership, based on the announcement a few months ago that Flash community legend Beau Amber (of Metaliq) acquired the conference from long time owner Lynda.com. Having known Beau now for several years, I was excited about the acquisition, figuring it could only mean a jolt of new excitement and advancement for this conference.

I hope you’ll join me starting August 20th for this exciting event. The schedule has yet to be finalized, and with more sessions being added, I’d stay tuned. I can only imagine, with Beau’s incredible connections and influence, the dozens of exciting speakers that will be announced in the next few months.