Visual Voicemail on Windows Mobile Device with Skyfire, Ribbit and Flash


I received a Skyfire Beta install on Friday. With the Ribbit Voice components for Flash CS3 installed, I was able to drag and drop my way to a visual voicemail app in a few minutes. The app logs me in and pulls down my voicemail data from my Ribbit account, showing the caller’s name, number and photo, length of message and an optional text transcription of the message.

Upon selecting the message, I can actually play it and listen to it. All this is done through Ribbit. The ability to view Flash content and ‘listen to’ audio is made possible with the Skyfire browser, currently out for Windows Mobile 5 and 6. The site says Symbian will be supported next, with Palm and iPhone unscheduled.

Here is a video Randy did of me actually building the app and demo-ing it on my Motorola Q9m Windows Mobile phone:

Get Skyfire browser here:

Get the Ribbit Voice components for Flash here: