5 stars for my brother on Yelp!

Congrats to my brother Nate for getting 5 stars in a review on Yelp. He works as a high-end kitchen expert at CG Appliance in Daly City, CA.

Of my brother, the reviewer says these impressive things…

“He answered every question I had, provided insight beyond what I asked, and, if he didn’t have an answer to something, would research it and get back to me.”

“Nate was the easiest to talk to…”

“He had excellent follow up while I was trying to figure out which distributor to go with, without being pushy.”

“I’m now more than happy to give my business to someone who is going to provide excellent customer service…”

It’s great to see you brother receive such high praise. Keep up the good work Nate and we’re proud of you.