Sergio wins awards for his film ‘The Procedure’

Sergio Pinheiro and I were roommates in college for 2 years, while attending Boston University. Both of us majored in Film at BU’s College of Communication. Sergio ventured ‘out west’ shortly after graduation to purse a film career.

His hard work and persistence has earned him what I’m sure is just the first of many awards. Serg’s short film, a thriller in the intriguing mold of a Twilight Zone, is called ‘The Procedure’. Sergio produced, wrote and directed the film and assembled a very talented cast and crew. The film is visually stunning, well acted, well shot and the sound and effects are mind-blowing – all extensions of Sergio’s incredible talent.

Sergio entered the film in the Beverly Hills Shorts Film Festival. I am proud of Serg for winning not one, but two awards: “Best Horror Film” and “Best Sound Design”.

You can watch the trailer for the award-winning ‘Procedure’ here:
You can read more about the awards it won here:

Serg’s next project entitled “Duck n Cover” has a new site with trailers here:

Sergio and I have remained great friends and were able to hang out most recently for a few Dodgers – Red Sox spring training games in LA. Keep up the great work Sergio and I can’t wait to join you on the set one of these days!