The Boston Celtics and our little KG

The 17th Championship run of the Boston Celtics came with it the early emergence of my 15-month-old son into the world of basketball. Watching most of the 26 playoff games the Celtics had to play to win it all, my brother, wife and I watched Chase begin to pay attention and even pick up the ball.

It began with some throwing and catching. Chase brought me his ball and then sat a few feet away with his hands out. He wanted the pass…

Chase catching

Next was shooting. My wife actually installed the Nerf hoop to help my brother and I dispel some game 7 tension by firing shots from the couch. However, one game we noticed Chase had pulled himself up and was trying to shoot the ball just like daddy and Uncle Nate…

Chase shooting

So, I picked him up to see what he would do. And he knew exactly what to do, as he dropped the ball right in the hoop and watched it fall.

Chase shoots

The shooting continued, and my wife bought Chase his very own hoop. Little KG, as we began calling him, began dunking the ball right away and eventually started making lay-up shots. It was so cool to watch, we had to get some video…

Championships are always special. This was Chase’s 2nd Boston sports team to win in his short life so far. I hope it provides for a solid foundation of interest as it did for me just over 20 years ago.