My car is getting 41MPG

TSX Mileage

I filled my tank up recently and it occurred to me that I’m not filling up as frequently as I know others are. And believe me, at $60 per fill up, I am very aware when I visit the gas station. My car, a 2006 Acura TSX, has this ‘instant miles per gallon’ feature where it tells you what MPG the car is getting while you drive.

On a recent trip on CA Highway 101, down the Peninsula from San Mateo to Mountain View, I actually called up this feature on the dashboard just to see. Although the sticker on my car states the highway MPG at 30, I was shocked to see the car was actually getting over 41MPG.

I was driving about 65 over the 15.3 mile stretch, with the windows open. I should tell you that my car is not classified as a hybrid, and I don’t think Acura (made by Honda) features any hybrids – yet – in their lineup. Certainly, for a 2006 model car, this is pretty sweet news. You have to wonder if the car has reached some optimum performance level, or maybe it was just a fluke given the slope of the road, temperature and volume I was listening to XM at…

I guess I won’t be lining up at Toyota anytime soon.