Time to Flashforward 2008

Wow, this is as excited as I’ve ever been for a conference. After the little ‘pep’ talk at our Speaker dinner, and the clear focus on PASSION, I looked around the room and realized how significant and unique the collection of presenters really was. I’ve retooled my presentation slightly to better reflect the uniqueness of the Ribbit API and why I’m so excited about it. The talk is quite small — only 20 minutes — but the surrounding format sounds great. I talked with some of the other speakers and they’ve got some great things lined up as well. I think all those attending are really in for a treat.

Although I did not check out the conference venue, Keith told me it was quite nice. It will be refreshing to speak in an auditorium setting as opposed to the traditional conference/classroom venue.

Nob Hill Masonic Center
Here is a photo of the auditorium, the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco.

Those of you coming… I look forward to seeing you there.



Ian Chin

This was our third year in attendance, and we sent 6 of our top FLASH designers and developers – they were all very disappointed. This is a huge cost in terms of time and money for a small interactive agency like ours…

I’m curious to see what you thought of the conference this year.

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