Today marks my 10th year of Flash

Today, this very day, represents a decade of me working (drawing, animating, tinkering and coding) with Flash. It was on August 8, 1998 that I compiled my first swf with an educational version of Flash 2. I got the software at the BU Bookstore (a.k.a. Barnes & Noble) in Kenmore Square, Boston. Yes, the very building that the great Citgo sign sits upon.

How do I know/remember the exact date? For some reason, I’ve kept the swf all these years — not the fla — with a created date of 08/08/98 on it. So here, in honor of my 10 years of Flash, is the first swf I ever made…

I’ll be speaking at Flash on Tap in October about my first 10 years of Flash. I can’t wait. Here is the title and description of this very special presentation:

Session Title:
Thriving on Flash, my first 10 years

Session Description:
A decade ago, I compiled my first swf using an educational version of Macromedia Flash 2. As a film student and aspiring web developer, I saw Flash as the ultimate form of expression and interaction. 10 years later, I’m still doing it — making a pretty good living and enjoying the technology and community more than ever. I’d like to share with you my journey, from my ‘skip intro’ days to creating my first award-winning app. From fighting for Flash adoption at huge companies, to launching the most visible Flex app in Yahoo! Maps. I’ll cover the challenges and moves I’ve made throughout my career, reveal many significant projects, and discuss why I feel deploying developer APIs like Ribbit ( keeps me learning, innovative and coding strong.

I hope to see you there. Sign up now!