Flash on Tap Postponed to May 2009

Flash on Tap

So, after creatively exhausting myself with a heart-felt poem last week, I was sad to learn that Flash on Tap won’t be occurring in October, as announced. They’ve got new dates posted on their site that say the conference will now occur from May 28-30.

While I can’t argue that May is one damn fine month to have a conference in New England, I am a bit bummed not to have an excuse to go back to Boston during the baseball playoff season. Perhaps it was for this very reason that Flash on tap is postponed. Between the Red Sox in the playoffs, all the Patriots tailgating, and of course, the Celtics raising banner #17, there probably won’t be much alcohol left in town.

So, be it shortage of beer, or other semi-valid reasons, we’ll now look forward to Flash on Tap in May.