finding the flowers in the cracks

I seem to be hyper-aware these days of my corporate surroundings. Silicon Valley, in particular, has more than its share of Costcos, Wallmarts, Best Buys, Starbucks, and more fast food restaurants than I knew existed.

On a mid-morning visit to Peet’s coffee this morning, I noticed something delightfully inspiring. Amongst what my friend Brenda Lee called the ‘meticulously corporate layout’ of Peet’s stood a lone, yet bright vase of flowers. Next to it a business card holder promoting a local florist.

I pointed it out to Brendan, who coined a phrase I won’t soon forget. The bright flowers and even brighter inspirational act of Peet’s to promote a local florist prompted Brendan to proclaim ‘finding the flowers in the cracks’. In this case, the statement was literal.

We’ve been hearing the words Wall Street vs Main Street so much the last few weeks. Perhaps, with the positive action of national chains like this Peet’s, Main Street may be embraced by Wall Street in some very effective ways. See if you can find the flowers in the cracks.