Google FlashSense

Wow, didn’t see this one coming. Google has launched a version of AdSense for Flash gaming. I know that a lot of Flash game devs are going to love the monetization boost that many bloggers already enjoy. Although, I’m wondering if the ads will be as discreet as they are on blogs. Or will they take advantage of the Flash medium and be a little bit more, say, in your face?

It could also lead the way for more mainstream games, even those reserved for home game systems, to be deployed on the web. Seeing what game monetization did to spur mobile game development on the iPhone, I think this could encourage a lot of developers (and game companies) to produce some real cool stuff for the web and Flash.

This also seems like it could be great news for Jameson Hsu, who has been working on Flash ad integration for years with his company Mochi Media. Apparently, according to Venture Beat, he’s partnering with the Google program already.

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