RelayMonkey Flash widget for Bloggers


RelayMonkey is a super pet project I worked on initially over a year and a half ago. I wrote about it 6 months ago and haven’t touched it (let alone thought about it) since then.

Basically, it’s a service that lets blog readers receive true subscription notifications by email when a blog is updated.
Once the blogger places the widget on their site, the RelayMonkey:
1) lets readers sign up for instant email notifications when the blog is updated
2) checks the page for new posts as they are written
3) triggers the RelayMonkey service to notify all subscribers by email of the blog’s new post, instantly

If you have a blog, and want to try out the free service, get your very own RelayMonkey widget here:

It’s a Flash/PHP solution that I was pretty proud of and a service, I’m please to say, with zero nurturing, has grown quite a bit. After 18 months live, here’s some stats that made me very happy:

widgets served
posts relayed

Special thanks to those bloggers and friends that have featured the RelayMonkey widget on their site. Someday, I promise, I’ll further enhance the service to include all the cool features I intended.