Adobe changing the Flex name, now Flash Platform

[re-posting due to blog issues]

I love it when Techcrunch delves into our little world and writes about things Flash-related. On the eve of Adobe MAX 2008, they have broken a story which is pretty interesting (and not in any way surprising). Adobe is no longer going to use the name “Flex” and now all things Flash-related will be referred to as the “Flash Platform”.

Ever since Flex 1.x was replaced with Flex 2.0, I’ve been saying the ‘framework’ deserves a new name. The product we knew as FlexBuilder has really just been a much more code-friendly way to build apps for Flash. This name-changing effort will clear up a lot of confusion, especially to those new to Flash that didn’t quite understand how/why to differently named products ended up producing the same thing — a SWF.

While the name change is very logical from a product stand point, I have to wonder if some company using Flex already (say Ford) may have had a hand in this. Anyway, it’s a good move all around, and I hope it helps unify what is a very divided Flash Platform community.

Reporting live from MAX 2008…