Best Movie Presidents

In honor of Election Day, here are my top 5 favorite movie presidential portrayals:

1.The American President I love Michael Douglas’ turn as President Andrew Shepherd. A very like-able leader forced into a character debate over his relationship with a lobbyist. The movie marks a reunion of Douglas with Martin Sheen, who would become a president of his own in The West Wing. It also features Michael J. Fox in a very cool role prior to Spin City.
2.Dave Kevin Kline is very believable as a presidential look-alike who stands in for office and does a better job running the country than the actual president. He’s got great chemistry with first lady Sigourney Weaver and walks away from the role in the end, only to run for city council. Features Sir Ben Kingsley as VP and Laura Linney as ‘special’ assistant to the president.
3.The Rock/Armageddon Stanley Anderson, in a reoccurring role of Michael Bay films, plays a great president. Three words: "Air strike approved!"
4. Independence Day Forgive me for this one, but Bill Pullman rocks as president. He’s young. He can motivate an air field full of pilot citizens. And in the end, he grabs a helmet and leads a squadron against the giant alien spaceships. It sucks that his wife dies in the process, but adds to resolve to why he risks it all to fight for the country. Quite a speech when he proclaims, "We will not go down into the night".
5.The Contender Jeff Bridges, as President Jackson Evans, plays a kick ass president who picks a woman (Joan Allen) to be his VP (what a novel idea). Gary Oldman really steals this movie as the ‘evil’ congressman trying to bring down the VP selection. The scene between Bridges and Christian Slater in the White House is worth watching.

Did I miss your favorite movie president?

* Images from Movie plots proudly recalled from my own memory.