Flash Platform contest to award $100K to developers

Killer App Challenge

Ribbit has filled a treasure chest full of $100,000 to reward the winners and participants of it’s Killer App Challenge. The contest is mostly tailored towards the Flash Platform community and we expect to see many quality entries building Ribbit into Flash, Flex and AIR apps.

The details are simple. You’ve got 5 categories and an amazing chance to win up to $33,000 in cash. The Ribbit Killer App challenge launched at MAX 2008. I’m part of an incredible judging panel which includes Lee Brimelow, Matt Chotin and Daniel Dura. At the very least, any Flash/Flex developer has a chance to get their work in front of and likely blogged about by some very cool and notable folks. I’m sincerely grateful to have such honorable guys from Adobe participate and reward the community this way with us. We’ll likely be adding some additional judges to make this event even greater.

The contest is very simple, easy to enter and even easier to participate in. We’re going to have 3 checkpoints, the first in early January. There will be a winner at each checkpoint, and the same app can keep winning. Then, on March 12, all apps are to be submitted, and a winner will be chosen from each category and earn $15K. The best app overall will earn and additional $15K. It’s quite an amazing pot. Developers will remain owners of their work and be encouraged to launch on the Ribbit platform to generate even more revenue.

Three of the categories are focused on building the best Ribbit application in Flash, Flex or AIR:

Best Ribbit Entertainment/Media/Advertising App – add Ribbit to a highly interactive application that engages users.
Best Ribbit Social Networking/Communications App – build a Facebook/MySpace widget that will improve communications for millions of users.
Best Ribbit Business/Productivity App – add Ribbit to an app that makes users more productive with voice, messaging and communications.

To get started, visit the contest page at http://killerappchallenge.ribbit.com! What are you waiting for! Here’s your chance to breakthrough in the most exciting way possible!

Personally, I am thrilled that Ribbit is enabling us to reward the community in such a huge way. This is the ultimate excuse to play and code a bit with Ribbit. Take the API for a spin and see what you can do. I can’t wait to see the entries we get and I hope the immense cash prize only adds to the potential and opportunity we have created for every developer to succeed coding on the Ribbit Platform!

Sign up for the contest now! http://killerappchallenge.ribbit.com