Flash conference fun shaping up for 2009

The new year hasn’t even started and already there have been nearly a dozen Flash and Flex conferences announced. With the recent demise of the mega-conference, smaller, more focused events should be all the rage in 2009. As an evangelist in the Flash Platform space, I’m considering several options to travel and meet developers around the country, and around the world.

Two of the biggest Flash conferences are already in motion, both of which have slated me as a speaker!


This coming April, in Toronto, I will attend and present at my 3rd FITC Toronto event in 4 years. The event grew impressively between 2006 and 2008. It’s well planned and draws the most creative audience of any conference I’ve been to. FITC owner Shawn Pucknell is very down to earth and the conference reflects it. I’ve seen Shawn at several other conferences this year and he is very involved with the community. FITC Tickets are on sale now and early bird pricing runs out Feb 1. I’ll see you there.


Also in April, a fan/attendee favorite crosses the ocean for the first time. Flash on the Beach, perhaps the most acclaimed conference by its speakers will be in Miami. I’ve never been able to attend the conference in it’s traditional environment of Brighton, UK. My colleagues that present there swear by it, and those that attend count the days (literally) until the next one. I met John Davey at MAX and after busting my balls a bit, came off as someone completely focused on putting on the very best event possible. Tickets for Flash on the Beach are on sale and this show DOES sell out, so if you plan to go, sign up now.


There are some very cool conferences announced and I will cover those in future posts. Over Thanksgiving break, I launched a little project site called eventslate.com, which lists all RIA shows. Check it out and feel free to add your event if I didn’t post it yet.