Blogging from 38,000 feet aboard Virgin America

Well, I knew this day would come. The day when I could finally connect to the internet and end in-flight boredom for all time!
I am writing now from seat 12c aboard a Virgin America flight from Boston to SFO.
This airline has more perks than any I’ve ever flown.
Since they only operate two flights out of Boston, they’re ticket area is small and intimate.
They have their own 2 terminals (Logan B) and for that, they’re own TSA checkpoint.
You can order food and drinks from your LCD screen and they deliver it to you.
There are over 3,000 games, movies and songs to enjoy.
Every chair has a controller with keyboard on the other side.
The live maps is powered by google and allows you to zoom in and out. (It has a login button, but it’s not active yet. Wonder what that’s going to be?)

Oh, the airline has amazing wifi, powered by gogo.
And with that wifi, I logged into a simple Ribbit phone (at and called a few folks.
My dad, wife and brother told me the quality was perfect — absolutely flawless.
To be able to tlak over the phone (well, through Ribbit and Flash and to someone else’s phone) that’s 7 miles below you is pretty amazing!

I took this video with my laptop webcam.
SO amazing.
Can’t wait to fly this airline again.

Never bored. Never disconnected. And thanks to Ribbit, never out of touch, when flying again!

Uploaded from 38,000 feet