Flex and Flash developer community challenge

So earlier today I posted a community challenge on the Ribbit blog. The idea was to throw some interesting use cases at the community and see what everyone can come up with. Ribbit is such a simple yet interactive service, there are a lot of different ways to apply various fundamentals of Flash Platform development.

Basically, on Thursdays (not sure if it’ll be weekly or every few weeks), I’ll come up with a challenge that involves some ActionScript, Flash or Flex skills and combines them with some simple Ribbit API skills.

The first community challenge posted today is called “How you gonna call?” and asks for a solution to address microphone and general audio issues we’ve experienced with Flash Player on Macbooks. Basically, if you can figure out how to detect the operating system and audio ‘capabilities’ of Flash Player, you could easily win this community challenge.

I think it’s pretty fun… and while the prize package isn’t exactly of the magnitude of, say, our $100,000 Killer App Challenge, it’s pretty good considering you may only need about 10 minutes to win this challenge.

So check it out and I hope it’s fun for you!