Brighton Calling, finally speaking at Flash on the Beach

Yes! I got an email from John Davey with an attached personalized badge (see right sidebar) inviting/confirming me as a speaker for this September’s Flash on the Beach. Friends who have gone and attended tell me this is a can’t miss event!

Visit the Flash on the Beach 2009 site and you’ll see most of the industry’s best presenters are also already confirmed: Craig Swann | Rich Shupe | Keith Peters | Hillman Curtis | Mike Chambers | Mario Klingemann | Dr. Woohoo! | Mike Jones | Andy Polaine | Grant Skinner | Joshua Davis | Carlos Ulloa | Lisa Larson | Rob Chiu | Lee Brimelow | Mark Anders | Julian Dolce | Peter Elst | Koen De Weggheleire | Joa Ebert | James Paterson | Ralph Hauwert | Stacey Mulcahy | Chuck Freedman | Hugh Elliott | Joshua Hirsch | Serge Jespers | Thea Eaton

So I’m super excited and encourage you, no matter where you are, to look into attending this awesome conference.

Especially after the announcement today that there won’t be a 2009 MAX Europe, folks are already saying FOTB will become the European hot bed for Flash platform discussion and activity this fall!

It looks like tickets will go on sale in the May/June timeframe, so check back often. This conference will sell out.