FITC Toronto done, onward to Flash on Tap

FITC Toronto 2009 - FITC

Just got back from another GREAT FITC conference in Toronto. I am really beginning to love that city, and the conference just continues to get better every year. Each time I go, I bring back something new, usually fevered inspiration for another hot technology or technique associated with Flash Platform. This year’s treasure was a bit different. The biggest plus to attending this year’s conference, for me, was new connections made. While there were tons of quality sessions, I actually got a lot of networking with other ‘industry leaders’ at the various dinners, parties as well as hosting our Ribbit booth on the exhibiting floor. Those that attend FITC every year probably know this, but the conference really does attract the very best and brightest talent in the industry.

As for my session at this year’s FITC, it went super smooth. As I was telling one of the other speakers, I usually gauge the success of my presentations based on the type of questions asked at the end. When the questions show creativity, inspiration and a bit of a challenging tone, I know I did well and sparked something within the audience. My presentation this time around was the most ‘though-leadership oriented’ that I have ever done. I can’t wait until the video is posted to share it with others that couldn’t attend.

So now I turn my attention, with great enthusiasm, to Flash on Tap — which will mark my first Flash conference being held in my home town of Boston! After visiting with Infrared5 last week, and spending a lot of time with Chris Allen at the conference, I can tell you these guys are working SUPER HARD to make this conference AMAZING! While the conference is half beer festival, which should draw hundreds by itself, Flash on Tap is also drawing the best in the industry — many of which live here!

I’ll be posting a video soon to hype up Flash on Tap and Boston. And I can’t wait to finalize my session in a few weeks. Flash on Tap is May 28 and there are still some tickets available (although, having heard it first hand, I’m pretty sure this event will sell out in the coming weeks). So buy your tickets now and I’ll see you in Boston!