Joining my town’s Technology Committee


I received notification on Friday that I have been accepted to join our town’s Public School Technology Committee. It is something I learned about when we first moved here at the beginning of the year. There was a posting on the town’s web site about how the committee was forming and that they were looking for volunteers in the community.

My son is years away from starting school, but I figured with my background, coming straight out of America’s technology hub (Silicon Valley) and into fairly rural town, it presented a very cool way to help shape what he (and the other students) will work with, learn and enjoy in terms of technology in our schools.

From the committee organizer, here is the charter of the group:

“The goal of this Committee is to design a comprehensive technology plan for the Georgetown Public Schools that covers curriculum, infrastructure, hardware and software needs, and integration different technologies to maximize the use of this tool. We certainly want to articulate the vision for what this looks like, but we also need to develop a plan that implements that vision and keeps it current and state of the art in the most economically efficient way possible.”

“Our goal is to submit a completed plan to the School Committee by September 30, 2009. It is an aggressive goal, but I believe we can achieve it. Thanks again for your participation, and I look forward to meeting you all on the 28th.”

While I am very excited to be a part of this, I’m a bit worried that my personal/work travel schedule may interfere. Still, it gives me a good feeling knowing I’m a part of this and can hopefully help the town lay a solid and easy-to-upgrade foundation for technology use in the school system.