Wish I was going to 360Flex next week

360 Flex

At one point I was going. At one point I was speaking. Unfortunately, for me, I’m unable to do either this year. For the first time since the original 360Flex, I won’t be attending the event next week in Indy. And it just sucks for me.

This event is the best, in my opinion, for all levels of Flex developers. You simply don’t have direct and personal access to so many talented presenters and session as you do with 360Flex. It’s the lowest cost event, by far, and the organizers, Tom and John, work very hard to keep it humble and simple.

They’ve done a great job profiling the speakers and sessions this year. Here’s a link to the schedule, and you’ll see some amazing names and topics being featured.

My boy Wes Leonardo, from Ribbit, will be presenting some cool AIR stuff. Also, if I were going, I would not miss Joe Johnston‘s FLEXperience session, all about UX in Flex!

I’ll miss hanging with everyone, but I’m sure it’ll be an awesome event.
And if you’re not going, and CAN go, you owe it to me to go to http://360flex.eventbrite.com/ NOW and register.

Have a great time and good luck with what I’m sure will be another incredible event for the community!