My debut set for Flash on the Beach 2009


I’ll be making my Flash on the Beach debut this year in Brighton, UK on Sept 20-23. I just finalized my session and description (below). This will be my first time abroad/overseas in 11 years. I am very excited to make the the trip and speak to a different audience.

Tickets are still available but are guaranteed to sell out a few weeks before the event, as history indicates.

The session I’m giving is a bit updated and more intense than the one I gave at FITC just a few months ago. I’m going to dive a bit deeper into my examples (of which I had a lot of help with) and churn out some fresh takes on working with the Flash Microphone. It will be great to see you there.

Visualizing Voice: Using the Flash Microphone for advanced interaction

Flash’s microphone access, while still limited, does provide a unique way of letting our user’s interact with the applications we build and each other.

Chuck will show some exciting implementations of Flash Microphone, ranging from simple visual animations based on the Microphone’s activityLevel, to highly interactive service integrations for recording voice and sound, playing it back and streaming it.

Learn basics of microphone access and see demonstrations of popular open source Flash libraries like Merapi, Red5 and Papervision as they compliment many ways to visualize voice.

If you have a project or special technique to share, please visit