Adobe Fireworks thrives in my iPhone development workflow


I don’t know where the Fireworks team at Adobe ranks. Given the obvious rabid developer fanfare over Flash, Flex and AIR, the longtime reign of Photoshop and Premiere, and ever hot ColdFusion and LiveCycle, you got to wonder where Fireworks lives in Adobe’s heart. I mean, if they were to do an award show, how long would it take the Fireworks team to walk from the back of the auditorium to accept an award?

I’ve always loved Fireworks. I use it for everything. I use it to design web pages. I use it to design Flash and Flex assets. I even use it to remove red-eye from family photos. At a certain Flash platform evangelist’s birthday party a few years ago, I was proud to shake the hands of some members of the Fireworks team, giving them my long, overdue tribute as the unsung hero of my creative implementations.

And now, Adobe Fireworks has found a new and valuable home inside my iPhone development workflow. That’s right, I’ve been using Fireworks for all my asset creation needs as I march towards completion of my first iPhone game. In fact, the PNG graphics I’ve created for my game may represent some of the best work I’ve ever done in the application.

I know I’m not the only one leveraging Fireworks in this perfect way. It’s got to be a favorite for other iPhone developers too. But for me, having been such a longtime user and fan, I thought I’d give the killer application it’s due.

p.s. Tell your friend Dreamweaver that I love it too.