Adobe growth and success signs are everywhere

This past weekend while driving around, I was reminded that you can’t easily escape work. Over a 24 hour period, I encountered the following two Adobe/Flash scenes from behind the wheel – both indication that Adobe and Flash Platform are on the up and up:

Flash 4 License Plate

Apparently, someone has done very well for themselves designing intro animations and coding ActionScript 1.0. Congrats to this 500 series driver, f8-ing their way to the ultimate driving machine.

Adobe Coming Soon

And while I had heard of a new, mega Adobe office in Waltham, MA, seeing this giant building was a complete surprise. The parking structure seems bigger than the office, but “The Future Home of Adobe” just outside of a Boston is a great sign of growth for the company set to tap on the huge innovation of Boston students. Ironically, this building sits across highway 128/95 from where Microsoft ‘used to be’.

* Author’s note: I’ve been writing pretty intensely on my blog of late, so I wanted to lighten things up a bit today. I’m not usually one to snap photos of work-related stuff from the road. This was fun and I’m going to try and do it more.