Presenting to a packed house at FOTB

I’ve heard rumors that over a hundred were turned away from my session today at FOTB. I’m happy to say that my debut presentation at Flash on the Beach was super fun and very successful. The stereo microphone demonstrations were flawless. All in all, the questions and audience participation were the best I’ve ever experienced. Tons of positive feedback!

Presenting at FOTB Brighton from Chuck Freedman on Vimeo.

Even after I was done, nearly 20 folks lined up to meet me, ask deeper questions and talk some more on stereo microphone usage and ideas. Thankfully, I had a bunch of Ribbit shirts and Moleskins to give away.

I also noticed a bunch of very respected community members in the audience. To a speaker at any level, it’s always great to see other fellow speakers interested in what you’re doing.

In light of the fact that so many people had to miss my sesison due to limited space, I hope to have a bigger room next year. But, as FOTB organizer John Davey pointed out, the intimacy between speaker and audience that the FOTB Pavilion provides is often a very coveted thing. I loved it and hope to experience it for years to come.

Packed house at FOTB

FOTB is living up to it’s amazing reputation, and per 2 Adobe attendees I’ve talked to, it’s now considered the best in the world!