Moon Writing

I was watching a movie late last night when a sharp light caught my eye out of the living room skylight window. I looked up and noticed the moon was glowing bright, hiding deep behind the bare autumn branches of a tree. I took a closer look and, with a head clear of stress and open to inspiration, I decided to grab my digital SLR (Canon Xsi) and head outside. The air was crisp and I was alone on my deck, accompanied only by the eerie, yet peaceful sound of leaves following through the branches of the trees surrounding me. I spent an hour out there, playing with various settings on my camera, enlightened by both the moon, a nearby planet, and the discovery of images I was capturing. The following are selections from my latest Flickr set called “Moon Writing“. Enjoy.

Discovering the Moon Hollow Desolation Pure Illumination

Moon and Max Moon Abyss Handheld moon
Moon Tango Moon Zigzag Moon Circles

You can view the entire photo set here: