My strategy at MAX

As Flash developers, we’re gifted with an incredible array of fun, educational and inspirational conferences. This week is MAX, the Super Bowl of all Flash events.


This is where we learn things about the products that fuel our livelihood. While there are various new features and product previews leaking out throughout the year and around the world, MAX is the big time. This is the event Adobe guns for to make the latest betas available and announce the most official product announcements.

For the average attendee, the freelance or agency developer/designer, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are thousands of attendees, with over a hundred sessions (several repeating), and many tracks.

When picking sessions, I have some goals in mind and try to mix it up.

Pick a few sessions to learn about new product features. What’s coming in AIR 2.0? What new features are in CS5, etc.

Pick some to hone your craft on existing tools. How can you optimize SWFs better. How can you take advantage of working with ByteArrays, etc.

Pick some to dabble in another field (creative design maybe?) to get a flavor for what other talent involved in your workflow are experiencing… Photoshop, Catalyst, Cold Fusion, etc.

This will be my 4th MAX in 5 years. While I’ll be presenting for the 3rd time, it won’t be part of the official MAX — rather the ridiculously star-studded FITC Unconference event. These unconferences (also offered by 360, Cold Fusion and SoDa) are making up for something MAX-proper seems to have less and less of >> inspirational sessions.

Thankfully, my presentation is only 30 minutes, so I should be able to soak in more sessions, networking and hanging out with folks more than before.

Here’s to a great MAX!