(Video) Stereo Microphone in Flash and AIR

I recently posted this HD recording of me demoing the Stereo Microphone portion of my Visualizing Voice presentation. The video features the C# and AIR applications using Merapi I built to pass stereo channel data to control various Flash UI elements by speaking into a USB stereo microphone.

I had the pleasure of giving this presentation live, around the world, to 5 different audiences, including Flash User groups at Harvard and Oxford, as well as notable Flash conferences including Flash on the Beach, Flashapaloozastock and Adobe MAX.

While I had planned to record the entire presentation, this posting was done specifically so that my colleague at Ribbit, Wes Leonardo, could show me presenting this special demonstration while on stage at FITC Edmonton. I was scheduled to present at FITC, but Wes was kind enough to fill in so, among many reasons, I could spend much needed time at home with family.

I understand from various tweets that Wes’s presentation rocked (as I knew it would).

For more information and other ideas of what you can do with Flash and microphone, visit getMicrophone.com and developer.ribbit.com.