A ‘Catalina Wine Mixer’ of a week ahead

Just a quick post to say that I have a pretty significant week ahead of me. I’m flying out to the Bay Area to check in at Ribbit HQ in Mountain View. After a few quick days of coordinating and catching up with the team, we are all conducting our flagship developer event: Ribbit Developer Spawn. This will take place this coming Thursday night (Nov 5) in San Francisco. I am going to co-host the event, demo some cool stuff and lead a presentation on a brand new SDK offering: a Ribbit Silverlight SDK. As I am pretty new and hence, pretty confused with the new RIA developer environment from Microsoft, I will have some expert help presenting the various Silverlight Controls and Wrapper features Ribbit will be offering the Microsoft developer community.

Finally, and this is as detailed a head’s up I can give, I will be making a very significant career announcement on Friday. Although the timing is odd given the excitement of this week and Spawn, it’s an exciting announcement nonetheless, so stay tuned.

Tickets are still available for Spawn, which you can attend either in person or via video web cast.