Tuning into Facebook as a litl channel

I’ve always thought there is no better way to prepare an SDK for public release than to fine tune it as you build actual, internal projects on it. litl’s unique channel SDK is well on its way to being documented, perfected and shaped into an exciting platform for Flash, mobile and application developers.

This is my first time working on such an advanced device-based platform. Along with crafting the typical methods, events and objects that make up an API and eventually roll into an SDK, we have the added adventure of exploiting the fun capabilities of the device itself. In this case, litl isn’t just a simple screen, but rather a platform that takes on 3 usable forms. As you’ve seen in many press and early review photos, a gem of the litl device is it’s fold-over, easel mode. It’s here where I think developers may have the most fun with our platform.

But right now, and for a few short months to come, the fun remains ours and ours alone. Recently, our channel development team (the current form of much of our SDK team) released the most entertaining and exciting channel yet. litl device owners can now experience Facebook in a true, passive and lean back mode. To quote the litl blog itself, you can now “Watch Facebook like TV” on the litl.

As you can see in the video, the litl Facebook channel is quite an expressive take on reading your status. Your friends are presented to you in a very creative way, scrolling and dancing across the screen, as their latest thoughts and comments pop up. It wasn’t too long ago that we saw such imaginative displays on the web. Years of integrating and depending on mouse and keyboard interaction have reduced most web sites to manually scrolling text and images. It’s easy to see how the litl, when in easel mode, turns traditional cloud-based web data into passive streaming content.

The team did a great job adapting Facebook to litl Channel form. We’ve got several more channels in the pipeline, all setting the bar, as examples, of what developers will be able to do upon launch of the platform.