RIA Conference Schwag Auctions for Charity

In addition to making a few random donations for Haiti relief, I wanted to contribute to the HaitiNeeds.us effort led by Jesse Freeman.

Partially inspired by something Ted Patrick did several years ago, I decided to take a bunch of conference schwag items and post them on eBay. 100% of the proceeds go to charity towards Haiti relief.

Photo Item Starting Bid
#1 Flashforward 2008 rare conference schwag set $5.00
#2 AjaxWorld 2008 conference schwag set $5.00
#3 Red5.org & Chris Allen Collector’s Set $5.00
#4 Limited Edition Flash on The Beach sign bag 2009 $5.00
#5 High quality FITC laptop bag 2008 $5.00
#6 Adobe MAX 2006 bag $5.00
#7 FITC messenger bag and beanie $5.00
#8 Silverlight 3 Starter Kit $5.00

If you have even a little interest in owning one of these items, please bid high for it. Again, all money raised goes to charity for Haiti.