Flash And The City 2010 Speaker Video

I am proud to present my official Flash And The City 2010 Speaker Video.

The idea came to me based on Egon’s awesome line: “I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought”, while standing on the roof of a high rise over New York City. I think this line reflects, with some humor, how many folks in the Flash community had initially reacted to the iPad not having Flash Player. The whole situation makes our session panel at Flash And The City more significant. Moderating the panel of Elad, Scott, Thomas and Lee, we will discuss “Devices with Flash”, widening the understanding, scope and potential for developers to continue building Flash applications for mobile and devices. There are a lot of great products and OEMs out there that include and are even built around Flash Player!

More on Flash And The City:

Session Panel: http://blog.flashandthecity.com/schedule/2010-sessions/day-2/technical-track/thomas-elad-scott-session/
Speaker Bio: http://blog.flashandthecity.com/speakers/chuck-freedman/
Main site: http://www.flashandthecity.com
Blog: http://blog.flashandthecity.com

Details on Flashliner, bus from Boston to NYC: http://flashliner.eventbrite.com/