The Daily Interfacer


I recently launched a new side-blog project with super-talented friend and former colleague of mine, Brendan Lee. The idea came to use way back in August 2009, but like so many worthy things, it took some time to establish.

We take to a naturally unique conversation style, where the tangent and non sequitur are instrumental, fueling intellectually bizarre and fascinating topics that emerge from our conversations. These are observations on culture and things, with an acute, artistic twist. When we become aware of (reveal) these topics, it is often as if no one else has every realized what we are seeing. To put it bluntly and to coin an eloquent phrase of Brendan’s that inspired us to create the blog, these are “the flowers in the cracks“.

The blog is called “The Daily Interfacer” and has offered me an outlet, a cloud-based and collaborative ‘notebook’, to share these observations, directly and indirectly, with Brendan and the entire world observing community.

Enjoy: On Twitter as: @dailyinterfacer.