Speaking of 3.3.1…

Now that Apple has made section 3.3.1 infamous, with a controversial change to their iPhone Developer Program agreement, I wanted to see what other sections of the same indexing are notable throughout history:

3.3.1 Buffon’s Needle Experiment

A famous “needle-throwing” experiment first proposed by Buffon in 1777 provides a good example of probabilistic modeling from a geometrical point of view: Suppose we have a large flat surface that has been ruled with a series of equidistant parallel lines separated by a distance d. An experimenter throws a needle of length l “at random” onto the surface and we wish to compute the probability that the needle intersects one of the parallel lines. We suppose that the surface is large enough so that the needle always lands on it and that boundary effects are negligible.

3.3.1 of the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual

Filter strips are uniformly graded and densely vegetated sections of land, engineered and
designed to treat runoff and remove pollutants through vegetative filtering and infiltration. Filter
strips are best suited to treating runoff from roads and highways, roof downspouts, very small
parking lots, and pervious surfaces. They are also ideal components of the “outer zone” of a
stream buffer, or as pretreatment for another structural stormwater control.

3.3.1. Protein structure from Genomes by T.A. Brown

A protein, like a DNA molecule, is a linear unbranched polymer. In proteins the monomeric subunits are called amino acids and the resulting polymers, or polypeptides, are rarely more than 2000 units in length. As with DNA, the key features of protein structure were determined in the first half of the 20th century, this phase of protein biochemistry culminating in the 1940s and early 1950s with the elucidation by Pauling and Corey of the major conformations or secondary structures taken up by polypeptides. In recent years, interest has focused on how these secondary structures combine to produce the complex three-dimensional shapes of proteins.

3.3.1 AFFAIRS OF THE TOWN, from The Town Charter of Marlborough, Connecticut

In addition to powers granted by the CGS, the Selectmen shall have the general and specific powers per Section 3.4. They shall be responsible forĀ­overseeing and coordinating the performance of duties and responsibilities of the officers, boards, commissions and other agencies of the Town as the carrying out of these duties and responsibilities affect the affairs of the Town.