Why FlashCommunityCares.com?

UPDATE: Visit FlashCommunityCares.com right now to bid on tickets to FITC Toronto, FlashBelt and FlashAndTheCity!

There is no doubt in my mind that the Flash Community is the most creative, energetic and vocal designer & developer community out there. The combination of talent, across many skills of designing and coding, along with its longevity and the activity Flash fosters of its members to contribute code, support one another and engage each other, is really unprecedented. Perhaps because ‘both sides of the brain’ are involved with Flash more so than other software platforms, or maybe its the abundance of conferences we all congregate to… It’s not just about cutting & pasting actionscript, mxml, or drawing lines, tweening, building components… It’s about the people involved and the character of its members.

When the Flash community gets crossed by something, they are as vocal as anybody. The solidarity amongst this vast, international network is a strong force. As the world continues to need our help, its time to harness this community into something that everyone can benefit from.

FlashCommunityCares.com was launched to give the Flash community a collective point of light to do some great things for everyone. We’ve already raised over $5000 for various organizations including Toys for Tots, Doctors Without Borders, The American Red Cross and various funds for Haiti relief.

Our efforts are supported by various and generous Flash community members, conference organizers and some special people wanting to make a difference! Most notably, we’ve received tremendous support from FITC, FlashBelt, FlashAndTheCity, 360Flex, and individual item donators and contributors like Jesse Freeman, Lee Brimelow, Brian Connatser, Michelle Yaiser and several more!

Please help us help others. Spread the word about FlashCommunityCares.com.