Flash channel ecosystem taking shape this summer with litl SDK

Lots of exciting things coming together with the litl OS and SDK. The team has been growing as well as the developer community. A new batch of litl webbooks shipped and many went to developers eager to build Flash channels for the OS. We have a very busy summer planned and we are on schedule for several key evolutions that will turn our platform into the great opportunity for the Flash community we envisioned.

Channel Submission Guidelines

We are close to publishing a checklist of guidelines, both required and suggested items, that developers will need to build their channels by. Like most ‘app store’ platforms, litl recognizes that those who buy our devices are especially buying into a level of simple computing. Guidelines will exist to help developers craft their channels to the standards that we feel our users expect. Another goal in publishing these guidelines will be to attain a level of transparency with our developers so they know what we are looking for in a channel and what requirements to follow that will ensure a smooth submission and review process.

Accepting Channel Submissions

Of course, in order to distribute developer channels to our users, we are implementing a smooth and equally transparent submission and review flow. Developers will submit their packaged Flash channels via a streamlined form. Once submitted, developers can check status of their submission and receive reviewer notes if their channel is flagged for any reason. Once published in the channel store, the submission portal will act as a tracking and reporting tool for developers.

Flash Player 10.1

Although we’ve been preparing for integration since the spring, only recently has Adobe finalized Flash Player 10.1. Our team now is working to apply our custom and enhanced build template to the latest bits for Flash Player. At the center of our integration is video hardware support. We’re also working to fix webcam and microphone access issues that have surfaced with our present/temporary use of Flash Player 10. This team is researching features that will further optimize viewing Flash content on TV, to support the existing HDMI feature on the webbook and our future device, the web-connected TV box.

Launching the Channel Store

At first, developers will be able to submit and distribute free Flash channels. I believe this will create a good foundation of content and establish our ecosystem based on notable and commissioned-channel projects (where Flash developers are hired to build out channels). Certainly, there will be developers looking to establish themselves in the OS. We also have several content partners looking to get their premiere brands on the OS as channels.

A merchant system has been designed, reflective of litl’s simple computing brand, to accept payment from users towards downloading/purchasing channels. We are now architecting this system and a few week’s prior to its launch, we will start accepting paid channel submissions. At this point, we will have further established a very real opportunity for Flash developers to distribute channels to users and actually receive revenue from the sale of their interactive content.

Adding new APIs to SDK

Another piece of the puzzle we are assembling this summer is the advancement of our SDK. As we introduced at Flash And The City, our forthcoming web-connected TV device will add accelerometer, touch and video functionality to the OS. Our SDK team is working on the fun, but complex task of adding these APIs to the SDK code and OS. In conjunction with the opening of the channel store, the new APIs will be key to allow maximum appeal and distribution potential for the channels you develop.

Get Started

Head over to developer.litl.com now and get started with the SDK. Now is the time to learn our simple code and get familiar with the channel development process. As the above pieces come into place, you can be among the first to launch a Flash-based channel and distribute it to our users! We look forward to realizing the potential of this exciting ecosystem.