Video Demo: Control a papervision3D sphere with a litl remote

After doing our first 2 live video workshops recently, some folks were asking about PaperVision3D and general 3D performance on litl. We grabbed a simple sphere rolling demo and wrapped it in a litl channel. The result is a simple, but insanely fun example of controlling a 3D object in Flash within a litl channel. This is also a great demo of the litl platform channel on a TV via HDMI:

Using the current webbook remote, the litl OS events WheelNext and WheelPrevious make the ball roll right and left respectfully. If you’ve never controlled 3D Flash content with something other than a keyboard and mouse, this should excite you even more! We think this is a very capable foundation for building games and 3D experiences on the current device and platform. However, once accelerometer is added via our new remote paired with our upcoming TV companion device, you’ll be able to control 3D and other object movements all over the screen.

For now, we’ve got a pretty cool foundation for 3D gaming and you’ll find the sample code, available in the Sample Channels section on, impressively simple. Lastly, one of the reasons this is all so easy is due to the great work of the Papervision3D team and John Lindquist, whose rolling a sphere example led us to such a simple example.