My blog turned 5 years old this month

Me, from 2007

With no fanfare or media coverage, my blog “Excerpts from the mind” quietly turned 5 years old this month. Having owned the domain since 1997, I used it for portfolio, business and hosting projects until September 2005. My first post, which got lost in an early wordpress upgrade, talked about a car I was looking at which featured a new technology called Bluetooth. In the post I warned of the dangers of phone use in the car and how, someday, Bluetooth may solve the problem. It’s ironic that today is the last day a driver can legally, albeit stupidly, text message in their car in Massachusetts.

My blog has spanned 4 jobs, but the focus on technology across 261 posts has always remained. After careful review, here are a few of my favorite blog posts over the first half-decade of my blog “Excerpts from the mind”:

1. Flash’s eager young minds posted April 9, 2007. This might have been the first post I did which generated crazy traffic to my blog. I wrote it in a Starbucks after proudly doing a presentation at BU to students. It also marked the first trip we made back to Boston with our first son.

2. With passion and energy, you’ll make time, posted July 28, 2008. I love this post because it’s parallel with the awesome Back To the Future mantra of “If you put your mind to it, you can do anything.” It also gives a nod to my friend and colleague Keith Peters, who has often challenged me to be inspired by others.

3. Really Enjoying John Adams mini-series on HBO, posted March 18, 2008. This post turned out to be a very significant exercise for me. After writing it, I had all together convinced myself that I had to move back to the Boston area from where I was living in the Bay area of California. I’ve watched this series 4 times through and suggest everyone watch it.

4. They’re on to us, posted August 7, 2008. I know my buddy Mike got a kick out of me reviewing pop culture t-shirts that cast a funny spotlight on those movie quotes we all find hilarious. “Rirruto” << those are z's. 5. Daddy, What’s a platform?, posted on September 29, 2008. This post was my way of talking out how I explain what I do to family and friends that aren’t in the industry. Now that app distribution on the iPhone and Android have become such common knowledge, my explanation is easier. At the time, this post was a very fulfilling exercise.

6. In the Flash world, nothing is without a Trace, posted on May 16, 2007. Although fairly technical, this is one of the first posts where someone told me they forwarded it to their entire company. It was very fulfilling to hear, since that’s sort of the intent of my blogging — to reach an audience with my thoughts. I also love the wordplay in the title.