The Great Framework Debate at 360Flex

The Great Framework Debate: We all have it! Which framework to use in your Flex project and why. We’ll find out at 360Flex D.C. starting September 19. Register Now!

John Wilker, organizer extraordinaire of 360 Flex, has given me the honor of moderating a new panel to the general audience called “The Great Framework Debate”. I proposed the panel after, once again, participating in a challenging internal team debate about which framework to use for a Flex project.

I’ve been coding Flash for a decade and working with Flex since 2005. The use of frameworks comes up often.. Should we use one? If so, which one? Why this one over that one? And so on..

On Tuesday afternoon, 4:10 to be exact, I will moderate a panel of framework experts in front of the entire 360Flex audience to answer these questions and much more. I am honored to be joined by the following featured experts and respective frameworks:

Laura Arguello ( will represent Mate.
Ben Clinkinbeard ( will represent Swiz.
Paul Robertson ( will represent Robotlegs.

Each panelist will have 15 minutes to introduce the framework they are representing. They’ll tell you why they use it and where it’s worked best for them. They’ll show you how to get started and where to find examples. After the introductions, we will open it to the audience for Q&A and a general discussion on frameworks.

Despite what the title says, this is not meant to put the frameworks against each other to determine which one is best. Judging by the experts we’ve put together, the next time I have The Great Framework debate in my team, I’ll know what to say. And if it helps me out, I’m sure it will help out everyone.

If you are not attending 360Flex (you can still register) and would like to pose a question to the panel, please leave a comment! Otherwise, see you at 360Flex in DC!

Note: I am considering adding a 4th framework to the discussion. If you are attending 360Flex and feel strongly enough about representing a framework, please let me know.