Speaking of 2011

We’re all a couple of weeks into 2011. Time to get serious about planning for this year. First, I really enjoyed 2010. It was equally exciting and stable for me and my family. We didn’t move across the country — something we’ve done twice in the past 5 years. However, we did have a baby — also something we’ve done twice in the past 5 years. I didn’t change jobs or roles — something I’ve done 4 times in the past 5 years. And compared with the 13 presentations I did in 2009, doing just 8 last year was a nice change of pace.

I’ve been doing a bit more technical business development at litl, which requires me to be more flexible for travel. Doing about 1 developer presentation/event every 2 months should be a nice pace. You’ll notice in the topics I’m set to give so far, I won’t be speaking about anything litl-specific as we’ve yet to determine the focus of our developer program this year. More on that in a future post…

So, for 2011, I already have 3 exciting speaking opportunities lined up:

1. RMAUG – February 23, Denver, CO – http://rmaug.com

I’ll be speaking to the Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group about “Flash apps on TV“. While I’ve been doing much less Flash coding of late, the opportunity for Flash in the TV space is of great interest to me.

Session Description:
Many are calling the TV screen the next frontier for app development. However, with your user 10ft away from the screen, there are many different factors including controllers, performance and platforms to consider.

Chuck Freedman, chief channel evangelist from litl, will review all the brands, technologies and opportunities for getting an app on TV. He’ll discuss where the Flash platform, as a plug-in, part of other SDKs and through AIR for TV, may have a promising place in this new space. Whether you’re interested in porting your app to the bigger screen, or creating a new experience, this will be an informative presentation for you. On TV, apps present new challenges to the developer. Assume nothing is universal and prepare to enter the biggest display space yet!

Check out Chuck’s new blog http://www.thezspace.com for the latest news and platform announcements in the new TV app space!

2. GeekyByNature – March 31, NYC, NY – http://www.geekybynature.comGet Tickets

I am creating a new presentation called “APIs for life, music and wiffleball“. This will be a completely new session from me, and not specific to developing in any language or for any device. It’s going to be total fun and inspiration.

Session Description:
During a decade of coding & architecting software, service and device platform APIs, I’ve often observed the way people and things around me actually interface with each other. While some things come with instructions, many things in life have APIs which force us to learn technique in our own ways. In this new presentation, through images, code and video, I will evaluate common APIs that enable us to create, interact with people and master the use of various instruments, products and equipment. It will be fun and insightful. My goal is to provide you with a new awareness on how we work and communicate as platforms, and maybe how we can create other platforms more effectively.

3. FlashAndTheCity – June 9, NYC, NY – http://www.flashandthecity.comGet Tickets

Big TBD here, but I know I’m going and will be doing something at this excellent event. I’m working with the organizer, Elad Elrom, on putting together an excellent panel. I might do a session on TV App development and design as well. Get Tickets Now

Hope to see you at one of these exciting events or on the road somewhere this coming year.

Also, while I’m not planning to attend or speak at these events, I suggest you go if you have the means:
FITC Toronto, 360Flex, D2W, and EyeOFestival