Advancing platform success and my new role at Mashery

Platforms have an ability to reveal new value and opportunity. I spent several years creating platforms, making data and services available to various communities of developers. I once likened opening up a new API to unlocking a treasure box of functionality for a developer.

As part of Mashery’s Strategy services group, for the past year, I got to listen to our customers’ platform goals, their vision and plans to extend their business with APIs. Joined by a team that’s simply unrivaled in our industry, we helped craft strategies and educate teams on best practices that, as executed throughout a year, would ensure their platform would align with their goals and yield success. It’s a value-add like no other in our industry, and I love providing guidance to incredible companies and platforms we have been able to work so closely with.

The advantage of servicing our customers is that everything is based on a foundation of great API management use thanks to the incredible tools our product and engineering teams invent and maintain. Together, with great support and other complimenting services like developer engagement, our strategic efforts consistently make a customer’s APIs go from an emerging company initiative to a well-managed product offering.

Platforms, in general, have become ripe for this transformation. It’s most evident in how companies are bringing their APIs to market. The defacto “let’s open data and see what developers can do with it” has tempered in favor of “let’s get the right data out to the right people first and guarantee we are driving value with our platform”. Similarly, companies are finding significant value using their own APIs first, and then parlaying that internal usage into a slightly more open model, selectively sharing their APIs with other organizations and partners.

Having a hand in guiding major and reputable brands into this kind of maturation is very fulfilling. Back in May, just before Mashery was acquired by Intel, I began inquiring about ways to interact with and advise even more of our customer platforms. One thing had become very clear: The more I could know about our customers’ platform goals and needs, the greater position I could be in to advise on better solutions. I began working with heads of various groups and teams to explore a new kind of role, one that would benefit our customers while enhancing Mashery’s offerings. We determined that recognizing patterns among platform strategies and solutions for success within vertical segments was key.

Starting this month, I am transitioning into a new role at Mashery. As Director, Vertical Insights, I will endeavor to recognize and centralize the knowledge, strategies and solutions that help our customers grow and expand their API programs within their industry. It’s part strategist, part analyst and will become an incredible contribution to our customers’ platform growth. While I get to work with many groups inside Mashery and Intel, the role is fittingly part of our dedicated Customer Success team.

Our CS team is 100% focused on driving customer platform success. Here we have a dedicated team of CPSMs (customer program success managers) working side by side with technical support, product implementation and professional services. Our CPSMs are already vertically aligned, creating a solid foundation for me to build on expertise and solutions we already offer each industry. Even more timely, my role is spinning up just as respected colleague Lorinda Brandon joins Mashery to drive our customer community efforts. While I’ll be able to feed knowledge throughout our organization and direct to customers, Lorinda will engage our customer community at large.

I’ve been working with APIs in one capacity or another for well over a decade. In this new role, part of another great team at Mashery, I’ll immerse myself in specific verticals and get the deepest understanding of what makes APIs work within their industry. I’m excited to realize the benefit this brings to an unparalleled list of customer platforms. The fact that I can do this at a time where platforms are advancing as real products and extensions of businesses makes it an even greater opportunity. I look forward to sharing these insights with the broader platform industry as well!

[Photo: Lot 6 Observation Platform at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge]