Revival of an antique camera

In today’s saturated environment of abundantly filtered and instantly shared digital photos, this image returns you to the beginnings of consumer photography. The Kodak Brownie was the first camera that literally anyone could own and operate. There are minimal controls, no lens to focus or aperture to set. The film was easy to load and the images produce a distinct, high contrast look that comes through beautifully in these prints.

Each roll of film in this camera can capture 8 exposures. Which means photos were taken very selectively. And since negatives need to be sent away for processing, I sometimes go a month or more before knowing if any images came out well. Due to the age of camera and very basic processing technology, images contain unique characteristics including edge blurring, vignetting, small particulars and grain. I believe all of this adds to the beauty and uniqueness that began the world’s love affair with photography.

I’ve released my first series of Kodak Brownie prints for sale on Etsy to benefit the LUPUS Foundation of America. All proceeds from these print will be contributed directly to the Walk to End LUPUS Now.

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